Digestion / Sleep

I have been a client of Saxon Health for about 6 months. Since I started, my digestion problems are gone and my sleep is back on track. I have been to other alternative practitioners but can honestly say that Dr. Saxon is the most knowledgeable doctor that I have been to.

Carrie Welch


The main reason that I first started coming to Dr. Saxon was that I felt absolutely worn out. At 45, it seemed that I should have a lot more energy. In the past I was also having trouble with sleeping. I was waking up in the middle of the night, and even if I did sleep all the way through the night, I never felt rested. I guess it was 4-5 weeks into the program I went home on a Friday evening and fell into a deep sleep at 7pm and did not wake up until 10:30 the next morning. This was the beginning of my sleep pattern coming back on track. Since that time I am sleeping like a baby, thanks to Dr. Saxon and Organically Bound Minerals.

Jane B., Atlanta

Overall Health

I have been a client of Dr. Saxon's for over three years and I have never felt better than I do now. I am a mother of three young children and used to always feel tired, irritable and frazzled. I was trying to balance the job of motherhood, marriage, volunteering and maintaining my friendships. Not only was I not being the best mother I could be, but my husband bared the brunt of many of my frustrations. Thanks to Dr. Saxon's amazing understanding at how the body functions, as well as his innate ability to repair damage done to the body, after about a year I felt like a new woman, mother and wife! I became stronger mentally and physically than I had ever before and I owe much of it to Dr. Saxon. I have been on a maintenance plan for a few years now and typically see him every 3-4 weeks for a chiropractic adjustment. He is an amazing chiropractor and clinician.


HTH Atlanta, GA

Shoulder Issue

My shoulder has not been right since I had a weight lifting injury in college. It has been nagging me for some time and was getting worse. It would hurt even when I was doing nothing with it. Within seven visits with cold laser my shoulder was vastly improved and I no longer have any issues.

DF, Atlanta

Nice Words

Dr. Saxon,
I just wanted to let you know what a difference you’ve made in my life and thank you for it! I haven’t felt this well in several years. I always look forward to my next visit (never thought I’d say that about seeing a doctor!). There’s always such a positive atmosphere in your office.

Thanks again,
KM, from Birmingham, AL

Overall Health

I came to see Dr. Saxon due to fatigue and allergies. I particularly remember the moment that I put my stake in the ground and said I had it with being so sick and tired, literally. I had rested an entire weekend just so I could make it thru the next work week. Monday came, and by lunch, I was exhausted. I felt so fatigued and thought, I am only 33, way to young to be so tired and have no energy.  I felt as like the life was sucked out of me. I had reoccurring mono infections and averaged 3-4 sinus infections every year for at least 10 years.  I also struggled with gastrointestinal issues. My whole family has Irritable bowel syndrome, so I thought I will have to live with it myself. I saw a dramatic change in my health about 3-4 months into the program. I went thru flu season and never got sick. I knew this was truly working for me. My energy had increased and I was able to do yard work and play with my 5-year old son. I began thinking more clearly. Although, I was feeling much better, I kept it to myself because I was still skeptical. Before long, my optimism paid off.  After cleaning bad stuff out and putting good stuff in, I was feeling great and so confident that my body was strong enough to fight off infections on its own. Even my husband got the flu and although I took care of him, I never got it. Wow, our bodies truly are amazing. It has been a year and half and I still feel great. I haven't had any colds, flu, gastrointestinal problems, mono or sinus infections. Antibiotic and prescription drug free. Woohoo. I greatly appreciate Dr. Saxon for the confidence of bringing my health back. A special thanks to Sara for always returning phone calls and mailing my supplements when I couldn't get there. This experience has been a true blessing.

Jodi A.
Jacksonville, AL


I was having horrible afternoon crashes. To make things worse I was using more caffeine and sugar for energy. I started to feel better after a few weeks on the program. I now have more energy, sleep soundly and feel more rested in the morning.


Overall Health / Hair Loss

I knew something was wrong because my hair was falling out.  I had always had thick hair but something was definitely changing.  I had recently had a full physical and the doctor said there was nothing wrong.  (Then why did I feel so crappy???)  I had no energy even when I slept 8 hours and it was difficult to even get up in the morning.  It was amazing to me that after Dr. Saxon did his nutritional diagnostics on me that he was able to find out things about my health that I did not even tell him.  It still continues to amazes me to this day.

I can’t thank everyone at SHS enough for showing me and my entire family a healthier way.

With great gratitude,



My main issue has always been sleeping. From a young age I had a hard time falling asleep, which unfortunately followed into adulthood. After going the melatonin/sleep aid route, I decided I had to find the real root of the problem-no more “Band-Aid’s. For the first time in years, I fall asleep and stay asleep. I don’t drag myself out of bed in the morning anymore, it a complete 180. Thank you, Dr. Saxon!

Ron, Marietta


A friend of mine told me about Dr. Saxon and his unique health improvement program. I was originally very skeptical. That skepticism quickly diminished when I started seeing the changes in her. Over the course of several months there was no denying that she was looking different. Her skin started to improve and she was losing weight without exercise. She also seemed to be much calmer. So, I finally was convinced to give it a shot.
Before starting the program I was a digestive mess. I felt bloated, gassy and had occasional heartburn. Everything I ate seemed to upset my stomach. I was popping antacids on a daily basis. After my consultation, I realized I needed to take a different path or I was going to be in big trouble in the next couple of years.
Within four weeks of taking the supplements my stomach started to settle down and the bloating was gone. As of today, I have fixed three other health issues that I was having and I feel like a different person.

Tammy, Sandy Springs

Overall Health

I have been a regular at Saxon Health for over 2 years now. I’ve had 1st rate chiropractic work done on my back and arm. But what really changed my life are the whole food supplements that Dr. Saxon has used to get my body back in optimal condition. Thanks to them and Dr. Saxon’s analysis, I am free of UTI’s, anxiety, sugar cravings and eczema. I recommended him whole heartedly to everyone!
I knew I needed to change my diet around but did not know exactly how to do it. I was starting to look pale on my face and when I saw myself in pictures it looked like I was gaining weight around my face and neck. After doing the 21- day purification I lost 12lbs and sleep more soundly than I can ever remember. A pleasant side effect of the detoxification was I no longer have any stomach problems.

PTJ, Atlanta

Weight & Repair Program

I was feeling tight and uncomfortable in my upper back and neck area constantly and not really understanding why I could not shed pounds… (I had to find relief). These two issues affected my day-to-day process; I began to slow down… it got to a point I had to do something. A co-worker recommended Saxon Health. My first visit was an insightful eye-opener. It was as if Dr. Saxon had an exact layout of my DNA. After seven months of dedication to the Repair, Replenish, Restore Programs, I am 55 pounds thinner and am standing up straight because my back and neck issues are no longer a hindrance. I recommend Saxon Health to everyone; it is the reason I am a model of health.

Lisa W., Atlanta


I had always enjoyed an active lifestyle. I would run, lift weights and golf. But over the last few years I felt like I was falling apart. It seemed like every other month I had another injury. I would heal from one injury only to have another one pop up. At the time I was using a lot of over the counter pain meds. I must have been going through a bottle of Tylenol a week. After starting the laser treatments, I did not need the pain relievers anymore and the injuries truly started to heal. I feel so much better and look forward to improving my health.

Robert W., Roswell

Overall Health

I initially came to Dr. Saxon seeking healing for an ongoing gastrointestinal problem.  Doctors had recommended I take medicine daily to manage the issue, but that seemed like managing the symptom rather than resolving the problem.  I followed a close friends recommendation to see Dr. Saxon and have since learned so much.  I always hoped and had a hunch our bodies were created to heal themselves and thanks to Dr. Saxon, I now know that first hand.  

I am a 43-year-old female and the mother of three young children.  Before I met Chris Saxon, I had resigned myself to a number of untruths:  In your 40s your metabolism slows down….Of course I’m tired, I am 43 and have 3 small children and a career….Some weight gain is normal and to be expected as I age (argh!)…The older I am the more exercise I will need to maintain a certain weight – and even more to lose weight….I will always crave sugar….Some people (and I guess I’m one of them) are just anxious and need medicine to balance the resulting stomach acid created by that…..and on and on.

I hoped to get help with that one stomach issue, but Dr. Saxon has shown me the stomach symptoms are just a bi-product of an overall imbalance that is the result of years of eating the wrong foods and taking in toxins through medicine and the environment.  Through Clinical Nutrition I feel better than I have in years.  I had no idea to even hope for all that has changed.  Not only does my stomach seem better, but I am more energetic and need less sleep than in my 20s.  And another added bonus – my skin looks healthier than it has in years.   

I’ve been a sugar-aholic for as long as I can remember – way back into my childhood.  I thought it was just my chemistry.  After years of struggling like an addict, trying but failing to “beat sugar”, by Dr. Saxon supplying my body with what it was really needing, I no longer crave or gorge sugar.  

Adding band mechanics to my program has added another remarkable result.  With bands, I exercise less than before, but am seeing greater results and in a shorter period of time.    

Dr. Saxon has taught me so much about overall health, nutrition and how our bodies were created to function at their height.  I had really given up on ever reaching the “ideal” I had pictured for my body and for my health, thinking that since I’m over 40, I must be on the decline.  Now, after only a few months, I can see and feel the improvement and see that optimal health and function are attainable if we give our bodies what they were created to have.  

Thank you, Dr. Saxon, for the truth and the hope.

EA - Atlanta, GA


Problem: Waking up in the middle of the night; I have been on the program 10 weeks and never felt better. Sleeping is better along with my daily energy.

Richard K. Kennesaw, Ga

Laser / Shoulder

I could not lift my arm up all of the way because of the tightness in the shoulder. After doing 5 laser treatments to the neck and shoulder I am so much better.

Jay V. Atlanta

Dietary Change

I have had the best experience at Dr. Saxon's office and look forward to every visit. I always wanted to change my junk food habit but it had a control over me that was far more powerful than my will power! After a few short months I have seen an incredible change in my eating habits. They have happened easily. Vegetables were rarely a part of my diet, but now I almost crave vegetables. I feel so much better in general, it's hard to pin point exactly what it is. It's just better, I feel so much better! Thank you!

C.G., Atlanta

Repair / Restore

I came in to Saxon Health with an elbow injury from playing tennis; I had chronic tennis elbow for about three years. No matter what I tried it seemed to flare up on a regular basis. I started to get a little depressed about the thought of not being able to play a sport that I truly enjoy. I started on the Repair Program and was absolutely amazed that after three weeks on the program I was pain free. Since this time I have done two 21 Day Purification’s and have lost 25 pounds. I have never felt better and now look at my health in a new perspective. 

Tina R., Atlanta

Headaches / Allergies

Stuffy all the time, pressure headaches and seasonal allergies. Dr. Chris put me on yeast stuff and after 8 weeks I am new women. I don’t feel brain foggy anymore.


Anxiety / Mood

I had always been a worrier and anxious, I would cry at the drop of a hat and really couldn't figure out why. I always assumed I was just more emotional than everyone else. However, it started to affect my everyday life after a while. I was tired of being the "weepy" girl of the group. I turned everything into a much bigger issue than it was, to the point where I'd give myself stomach aches from worrying. I was skeptical to come to Saxon Health, I really wasn't sure there was much that could be done. I figured this was just me. Turns out, I was wrong. I'm truly blown away with the results I have had. Now when I cry, it's usually from laughing! I no longer worry to the point of stomach aches, and my mood is just 100% better. I'm so thankful!


Skin Issues

I ran into an old friend after not seeing her since last Christmas and could not believe how she looked. It appeared as if time had been kinder to her than myself! I asked her what she had been doing and she gave me Dr. Saxon’s name. I came in with brittle nails and hair, dry skin and
patches of Rosacea. After being on Dr. Saxon’s skin regiment for roughly six weeks (give or take) I have seen a complete turnaround. My nails are stronger and longer than ever, my hair isn’t falling out and brittle and my skin is so clear. My confidence has been restored!

SM, Atlanta


I came to Dr. Saxon simply for digestive issues. I had terrible heart burn, acid reflux and just was having a hard time even enjoying food. Everything made me feel terrible and I couldn't figure out why I was having such a hard time with digestion. Within a short period of time, I had seen an amazing difference. I still can't even believe it. I can't wait for lunch dates now, whereas before I would avoid them!

Rachel, AL

Sugar Issues

I was hooked on sugar and felt about ten years older than I am. I had tried just about every diet in the book with no long- term success. The sugar issue was always the problem. Every time I tried to reduce my sweet tooth it was followed by a period of no energy, so eventually the sugar would win. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I needed to get off.
Dr. Saxon explained to me that I had a flora imbalance that was the underlying cause of my problem; if we handled this issue we would be more successful about reducing the sugar in my diet. By the fourth week on the program my energy started to increase and my 4 o’clock energy crash no longer existed. As of today, I am absolutely a different person. 

Mary P., Atlanta

Allergies / BP

I’m a middle-aged woman, who has bad allergies, high blood-pressure and extra weight, especially around the middle of my body.
After years of taking prescription medication for my blood-pressure, my system was totally out of whack. I wanted someone to heal me, not just push more pills.
I heard of Dr. Saxon from one of my co-workers. Doc took a look at me, using his unique system of evaluation and started working on cleaning my system up.
My allergies are better today. My blood pressure is coming down. My joints are not stiff anymore. I’ve lost weight, especially around my middle.
Overall, I feel better and I have Doc to thank for all this.

DD, from Atlanta


I had bad back problems for years. I sat a computer all day. I thought it the new pain was going to be a temporary thing that would resolve by itself but days turned to months, and months turned into two years. I saw other physicians for my low back and they gave me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory pills. This helped on a short period of time but never fully resolved the problem. After I went back to the physician’s office they sent me to Physical Therapy for almost a year. This made the problem a little better but no fix. A coworker of mine had seen Dr. Saxon for a shoulder injury and so I decided to give him a try. After all the time and money that I spent on other care I finally received the relief that I was looking for from six visits of Bio-Cranial. It has now been over two years since I have had trouble with my back. As of today, I am doing the Replenish Program with my wife and we are both starting to have some solid health changes.

Bob M., Marietta

Repair Program

I thank you for all you did for me. Early on you said you do miracles on Thursday, your day off. But I think you did miracles on me Monday and Wednesday when you last saw me. Starting Thursday, my leg pain started to get less and today, although the pain is not totally gone, it is about 98% gone. Many thanks.

Don T, from Atlanta

Skin Issues

After trying everything under the sun to get rid of my terrible acne, I came to Dr. Saxon as my last hope. WOW! What a difference! He explained to me that most acne is caused from underlying flora imbalance. I threw out all of my acne creams and have been strictly taking my supplements from Dr. Saxon and I am happy to say that my acne is totally gone! In addition to the supplements, I also do his facial detox regiment. My skin has never looked better.

JL, Decatur


Dr. Saxon,
I cannot believe how amazing I feel today. My headache was gone by the time I walked out of your office and has not returned. I slept more soundly than I have in a long time and my eye is not drooping.
Just wanted you to know,
:) Thanks

B C, from Atlanta

Cold Laser

Dr. Saxon:
Thank you so much for the time you’ve spent sharing your knowledge and experience on the cold laser and the Bio Cranial technique.
The Bio Cranial technique is awesome. My back was much better immediately, and within two days, it was like new. Thank you again for everything.

EN, from Norwood, NC

Ligament Deficiency

Neck Pain & Stiffness
He put me on a regiment of supplements that help build ligaments. I noticed by the third week that I was feeling much better and out of pain.

WRT, Atlanta

Diet / Sugar

I was drinking about four cups of coffee and two cokes every day. I wasn’t aware that what I was eating/ drinking may be making me feel like hell. There were many nights I would toss and turn and might not get but an hour of sleep. During the days I had no energy and I depended on external energy (sugar, caffeine). I was always in a cranky mood and seemed to constantly have a headache.
After being on the Replenish Program no more than a month I noticed my skin started to clear up and take a more even tone. I started getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night. I started to prefer healthier foods. Before I knew it, I was choosing water over coke and coffee, salads over fried chicken and my digestion was improving. I was no longer bloated every single day. My energy was back to normal and I could finally get along with people. Stress was no longer an issue and I could finally relax. I never get headaches anymore. 

AA, from Atlanta, GA

Cold Laser / Knees

I came to Saxon Health to see if they could do anything for my knees. They were clicking all the time and they hurt when I used to go upstairs. Dr. Saxon has been working on my knees with the cold laser and with joint support for about eight weeks and there are significant changes in both knees already. I have noticed that the clicking in the right knee, which was the most severe, is not clicking anymore.

Linda K., Sandy Springs


After having my first child, my health and sleep patterns were way off. I assumed it was because I had a child and grew accustomed to her sleep schedule. I had no idea all the factors that were really in play! Thank You Dr. Saxon for breaking everything down in a way even I could understand!

MM, Atlanta

Ligament Help

I was expecting an adjustment when I went to see Dr. Saxon for extreme tightness in between my shoulders and neck. After the consultation and testing he told me that it was not muscle related but rather a nutritional deficiency. He put me on a regiment of whole food supplements that help build ligaments. I noticed by the third week that not only did the muscle in the neck start to loosen but so did the muscles in the rest of my body.
My flexibility is 90% better and so is my posture.

WL, Atlanta


It took some time, but I came to the realization I was not as happy as I could be. I was irritable and short with everyone. It became abundantly clear to me that this was affecting my job and home life. I was desperate to make changes. After 6 weeks on the Replenish Program, my mood began to change- my entire outlook changed. I was able to deal with minor issues in way I was never able to before. My mind was clearer and the "little things" weren't so bad anymore. A weight has been lifted!

MB, Roswell

Energy / Adrenal

Being a full-time mom is a tiring job, we all know. However, every time I turned around, I swear I was the only mom completely dragging. Tired was an understatement. I began to worry about what was wrong with me and why I was the only mom like this. Thankfully, I was given Dr. Saxon's name. Truthfully, I knew nothing about adrenals and how much they affect your day to day life when not taken care of. I was blown away by the knowledge I was given. I can't thank SHS for all they've done. I sleep amazing, I feel rested and ready to take on the day. I never thought I'd be able to say that!

TR, Atlanta

Cold Laser / Elbow

I was having severe elbow pain for at least 8 months. 10 appointments later I am no longer having any pain.

Denise S, Atlanta

Restore 21

I was referred to Dr. Saxon by a colleague to treat upper back and neck pain. I have since participated in 2 purifications and have begun the nutritional supplementation program. I have lost 15 pounds, sleep better and feel much better in general. It is so gratifying to be able to take steps to positively affect my health and well-being. Dr. Saxon is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing the program with him.
I had struggled with my weight since the birth of my son 5 years ago. Over the last few years I have done just about everything to lose the weight: kickboxing, running, boot camp, just to name a few. For a while there I was thinking about doing liposuction but after watching a special on A&E talking to women about the complications from this procedure I decided not to pursue this treatment. One of my best friends met Dr. Saxon at a fundraiser and told me about his programs. After doing the initial consultation with him I was very interested because of his different approach to health and weight issues.
Dr. Saxon figured out that liver congestion was the real reason I could not lose weight. I lost 15 pounds during the Cleanse and am looking forward to the large group Cleanse in the spring to lose the rest of the weight.

Stephanie W., Atlanta