There is no doubt that my father passing away at such a young age had a major influence on my decision to get involved in the health field. This is further evidenced by the fact that my brother and sister are also in the healthcare profession. I, however, have had a different journey. While they have taken an oath to help the sick, I have made it my passion to help people stay healthy. I found that if you focus on repairing your health, the sickness seems to disappear.

I’ve spent the last 18 years honing my knowledge of clinical nutrition, musculoskeletal issues, and fitness through my ownership of nutritional/ chiropractic & health facilities. What we have learned is that to be healthy you need YOUR specific road map. The order in which your health is repaired makes all of the difference in the outcome. If you are talking about truly changing your health you need to focus on 4 items:

Fixing Your Existing Injuries

Adding Back Your Specific Vitamin Deficiencies

Safely Removing Toxicity

Transitioning Your Diet

My passion is the transition of someone’s health and the exact steps on how to naturally and organically repair injuries and nutritional deficiencies.

My commitment to this type of healing and lifestyle has been a staple, not only in my health, but the health of my family. I look forward to sharing this unique healing program with you.

Christopher Saxon, DC