How The Program Works

Initial Telephone Consultation

Personalized Health Report

Monthly Follow Up

What Will You Receive

Personalized Health Report

  • Specific Recommendations
  • Supplementation Protocols
  • Estimated Cost

Starting Point for Change

  • 4 Floras™ Balance
  • Digestion Repair
  • Immune Strengthen
  • Mineral Balancing

Progress Consultations

  • Check Points For Health Improvement

How To Schedule Your TeleConnect Consultation

  • Fill out paperwork on any device quickly and securely

  • Securely pay for consultation

  • Schedule a time that is best for you

Only current clients will receive the 5-min consultation

Not Sure If This Program is Right For You??

We now offer a 10-minute introductory consultation for your specific problem. $50.00

If you decide to start the TeleConnect™ Program $25.00 will be credited to initial consultation fee.

Get Started

Teleconnect Q&A


Individuals who want to make definitive health changes and can not come in to our Atlanta Clinic.


The initial consultation will be a 30-40 minute telephone consultation concerning your past health history. After the consultation you will receive an email report with you’re specific health improvement and supplementation recommendations, cost and timeline.


There will be additional cost for the whole food supplements and the (optional) monthly telephone follow-up.

The monthly follow-ups are not mandatory but are encouraged.


Cost will vary from individual to individual, depending the client’s health history. The exact cost of the clients program will be in the health improvement report.


We are using whole food supplements and high quality herbal-based products.

The whole food supplements that we use come from a company in the US that has been providing product exclusively to doctors for over 90 years.

Our herbal based product comes from a company that is located in Australia.


This depends on what is going on with your health. You will be given your specific time frame in weeks in your personalized health improvement report for each product that you will be taking.


We have been in clinical practice for over 18 years and seeing thousands of different health cases. We are using our experience and times frames for similar conditions to formulate your profile.


Every individual has different nutritional health requirements. The consultation let us hone in on your individual profile and determine which order your program should be structured.

Prior to setting up your initial consultation you will be directed to a secure site to complete a new client form and pay the consultation fee. You will then be able to access our scheduling program so that you can select a time that would be most convenient for you.